I joined CostumeBox.com.au in 2010 when the company was only a few years old. The place had the feel of a start-up, with a bunch of people sharing fold-up tables in a room and jumping on the packing desk to help get orders out the door when things were busy. Today it's one of Australia's top online retailers, with a state-of-the-art picking and packing system, a pioneer of same-day delivery service, and a slick site that competes with the top shops in the U.S. on price and range.

I had the pleasure of working closely with the Directors, Roma Burke and Nikki Yeaman, to grow the marketing department from 1 to many. I also got to establish many of the standards for the website, migrate to a new Magento platform, revamp the site map and navigation, and overhaul the look and feel of the site to provide an amazing experience to customers. One of the great things about this company was having a defined set of core values that were talked about internally and used in conversations at every level. It seems like most companies these days give lip-service to having values and a mission statement, but Nikki and Roma made sure everyone knew what these were, and the role they played in every decision made.

People always used to ask: "Do you dress-up all the time working at a costume company?" Yes, yes you do. And I have a serious fancy dress box to show for it. If you ever want to blackmail me, just check out the staff dress-up day albums on their Facebook page!