Riding on the success of OzLighting, we saw a dramatic shift in the marketplace towards LED lighting, and decided to create a brand that catered solely to this demand. A lot of people are still busy upgrading their home to CFL or Halogen lights, but the reality is that these technologies are dead in the water. The savings from LED lights, to your pocketbook and to the environment, are massive: a single light can last 35,000 or more hours (that can be easily over 20 years).

Aluxium lights are affordable, quality lights that work for big projects like an office fit-out or home renovation, or a simple DIY upgrade. The product range was sourced to fit what customers were asking for, and while the range is small, it hits all the sweet spots. The products are currently selling on the OzLighting site only, but we're looking forward to wholesaling nationally. 

This was a great experience in product management, starting with defining the basic demand from customers, right through to the spec and production process, to rolling out the website, branding, packaging and marketing initiatives.