It seems like most of the digital marketing blogs these days are some sort of fly-trap to get you interested in working with a marketing company or freelancer. The formula is something like: showcase your work, brag about your awards, post a few blogs that hit all the right keywords, and hope for a conversion (email, phone call, tweet, what have you). Not that there is anything wrong with that, but This Digital Adventure doesn't have any such motives. I'm just hear to listen to talk out loud, and if anyone wants to join in, sweet. Otherwise, as you were.

Over the years I've worked in ecommerce, retail, sports, and the tourism industry; lived in around North America and Asia Pacific; traveled to pretty much everywhere I've wanted to go; studied 4 different topics at 4 different universities; started new career paths from scratch, several times; and repeatedly find myself thrown into things I know absolutely nothing about - on purpose. The consistent theme is a thirst to never stop learning, and much of this has revolved around contrasting passions for technology and nature.

This Digital Adventure is mostly my mutterings on digital marketing, project management, eCommerce, and technology, both at work and in everyday life... mixed in with a smattering of the good things: music, books, rugby, snowboarding and the beach. So, if that's your thing, read-on, share, and connect... that's what every digital adventure is about!

It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.
— George Orwell